More than 20 years "Prime" expands and improves the range of its services for the Insureds ’ risk management, as the provider of insurance brokerage services in the insurance market of Armenia.

Our mission

to provide:
  • Professionalism in the process of assessment and reliable placement of risks,
  • Flexibility in receiving the most favorable conditions for an insurance coverage,
  • Promptness in the arrangement process of insurance issues,
  • Clients’ information confidentiality,
  • Providing Insureds’ interests protection by assistance in the pre-contractual processes and support of ongoing insurance policies,
  • Organization of effective cooperation among insurance participants,
  • Insurance claims settlement and compensation process.
Updated at 27.12.2016
About Us

The company was established by two individuals and after obtaining the "Insurance intermediary (brokerage) activities" license ԱՄԳ N 0001 of the Ministry of Finance of RA on February 10, 1997, was relicensed as an independent legal entity providing insurance brokerage services.

Activities of the company are licensed:

4, February, 2000 - Ministry of Finance of RA

18, March, 2003 - Ministry of Finance and Economy of RA

29, January, 2008 - Central bank of RA

09, September, 2014 - Central bank of RA

The company is registered in the State register of the entities of RA with the number 273 11001758, registration certificate 01 Ա N 032261.

Updated at 01.06.2017
  • Insurance risks assessment and consulting services,
  • Making proposals for insurance risks placement and choosing an insurance company,
  • Provide insurance policies support within the scope of authorities given by Insureds,
  • Management of insurance claims and loss adjustment processes,
  • Insurance claims settlement.

  • Reinsurance risks placement in the internationally recognized companies,
  • Coordination of collaboration between insurance and reinsurance companies.

Cooperation with "Prime" will provide you with:

  • An opportunity to receive managed professional insurance services,
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive insurance programs with participation of reliable insurers and reinsurers,
  • The range of support, starting from risk assessment and up to claims settlement.
Updated at 27.12.2016

Address: 2/1 Proshyan Street, area 19, 0019, Yerevan, RA
Postal address: 0009, mail box N 1, Yerevan, RA
Tel.: + 374 10 52 64 18 - 16
Fax: + 374 10 52 64 41 - 18
Email: prime@prime-insurance.com
Working hours: 9:30 - 18:30, Monda

For insurance brokerage service + 374 10 52 64 31 - 11
Personal insurance + 374 10 52 64 18 - 14
Property insurance + 374 10 52 64 18 - 13
Liability insurance + 374 10 52 64 18 - 16
Cargo insurance + 374 10 52 64 18 - 15
Motor insurance + 374 10 52 64 18 - 14 / 13
Payments and mutual settlements + 374 10 52 64 18 - 12
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"Prime" has organized an exhibition of children's drawings titled "Insurance through our eyes" jointly with the Artists' union of Armenia and National center of Aesthetics named after Henrik Igityan devoted to the International Children's Day. The exhibition was held in the Museum of children's creativity. The opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on June 3, 2017. Famous artists, teachers of the museum, the staff of insurance and brokerage companies with their families were the guests of an occasion. The artworks of children were presented in the exhibition whose parents work in the insurance sphere.

“Swiss Re”, one of the leaders of global reinsurance market, confirmed its agreement to sign the general property risks reinsurance Treaty with five Armenian insurance companies, with the participation of “Prime”.
According to the Treaty, “Prime” acts as a reinsurance broker with complete powers of agreement assistance.

On 22-23 November, 2016 15th November Business Meetings of reinsurers took place in Moscow, with participation of 99 companies from 21 countries.
Regular participation of “Prime” at business meetings gave an opportunity to discuss tendencies of reinsurance market development and coordinate the organization of reinsurance issues in 2017.

Updated at 05.06.2017
Shareholders and Investors

“Prime Insurance Brokers” is a limited liability company which doesn’t perform public distribution of securities. The company has two considerable participants who have the right to obtain any information on financial and economic activities of the company without restrictions.

The company considers inexpedient the publication of data on the website according to the provision N 8/03, 4th chapter, point 25, subparagraph 4 approved by the Central Bank of RA Board’s decision “About the data publication of banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, the central depositary and settlement organizations implementing remittances”.

Updated at 27.12.2016
Current Year: 2017

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Customer’s Rights
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Financial System Mediator

The client who acts as an individual has an opportunity to address the Financial system mediator and protest the actions of “Prime Insurance Brokers” or individuals performing activities on behalf of the company, if:

  • The company doesn’t fulfill or fulfills not completely the liabilities provided by the signed contract, agreement or agreement established otherwise,
  • The company refuses the provision of services or prevents agreement establishment.

Office of Financial system mediator:

Address: Street Khorenatsi 15, Yerevan, 0010, RA.
"Elite Plaza" Business center, 7th floor.
Tel.: +374 60 70-11-11
Fax: +374 10 58-24-21

Working hours of the office: 09:00 - 18:00, except weekends and holidays, break: 13:00 - 14:00. Updated at 27.12.2016
Armenian National composer and pianist of the USSR Arno Babajanyan's fantasy on "Call me" sounds on the website.

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